Cariband case for iPhone 5 by David Tsai in his shop Object Theory

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    cariband_designMilk_5.jpg @ElisaRichardson

    The iPhone 5 can do a lot of amazing things, but it can't hold even the smallest piece of paper. Cariband is a case for the iPhone 5 that holds the things we carry day to day: ID, credit card(s), cash...etc. By folding and inserting into the band, your iPhone can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode. Cariband is useful in holding things to our iPhone 5, or holding our iPhone 5 onto things.

    This is my first 3d printed design project. I have always wanted to design a 3d printed object, and the iPhone 5 gave me a great subject to design around. The thing I noticed about cases, is that there are a lot of cosmetic differences, but they all do the same thing, I wanted to add more functionality to the iPhone case, while maintaining a clean aesthetic. Considering how much we carry our phone with us, it seemed to me that the phone case could do more.

    you can see the project at which will take you to my store in shapeways.