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    Get $15 towards prototyping a wallet or card holder

    The holidays are fast approaching, and we all know what that means: amassing a new gift-card collection. But where are you going to put all those plastic tickets to Shapeways, Applebees and Amazon?

    Create an accessory compatible with any standard gift card or credit card, then share the render and link in the thread below. You’ll get $15 towards prototyping — and we’ll pick our favorite designs to be part of the 2017 gift guide.

    All Submission are due by Sunday, October 30th at 12 PM EST. Shapeways Money will be processed the following week.

    How to Join the Challenge
    Design a card holder

    • Using your favorite 3D modeling software, design an accessory for a new gift card holder in the material of your choosing. It should be able to hold credit and gift cards along with business cards, transit cards, and/orlove notes.
    Upload Your Design to Shapeways

    • Open up a Shapeways shop (if you don’t already have one). Upload your model using the upload button. Put your model in the Accessories category, and any applicable categories, then tag it as is relevant. Set your model to ‘public’ and ‘for sale’ in your Model Details page. Set the prices with your markup for the materials you want to offer in (we’d recommend the Strong and Flexible family) Models must be *.stl or *.obj
    • Add CustomMaker if you want your shoppers to customize the product.
    Share Your Entry!

    • Share a link to your product in the Card Holder Design Challenge thread below along with a photograph or render. Remember you can share as many products as you want, but only one credit will be given per shop. Then help choose which you think are the best entries by liking or sharing them.

    • Credits are limited to one per person.

    • By participating in the design challenge you are granting Shapeways a perpetual, nonexclusive, sublicensable, royalty-free, and worldwide license to use your model, description, and photographs, as well as print and distribute prints of your model, for promotional purposes.

    • All submissions must be awesome.

    • All submissions must be submitted by October 30th at 12 PM EST.

    • All submission must comply with the Shapeways Terms & Conditions and Content Policy.
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    I have a couple of ideas!
    This high end card holder will hold 1/16" of business cards or gift cards (2" x 3.5") and is customizable for your company name! Check out Custom Maker for the optional add in.
    Card Holder Perspective.jpg Card Holder Perspective.jpg Card Holder Perspective Closed.jpg

    This high end card holder will hold 1/16" of business cards or gift cards (2" x 3.5") and is customizable for your company name! Check out Custom Maker for the optional add in.
    Card Holder Slim Perspective.jpg
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    Here's my concept for the gift card holder below. I thought you could give it as part of a gift where it would hold the gift card you're giving. But then the pieces can break apart and be re-assembled as a business card display/holder.

    Transforming Gift Card/ Business Card Holder



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    This holds up to 2 gift cards and can be used in a variety of ways. Hung among holiday decor, used as a gift tag, or even outside of the holidays filled with a person's favorite decorative paper or acetate and used as a sun catcher.
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    About this Product


    I read a wonderful quote one day that said dogs are the protectors of our bodies while cats are the protectors of our spirit CAT_CARD HOLDER.PNG CAT.png CAT_card Holder_CADIAAN_30 OCT .png CA T01 .png

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    Dynamic Card Holder

    It can hold your favourite card.
    Throw it in your bag / pocket & find it fast when you need it, without opening your wallet.

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    The gift card slides in, then you can attach to your key ring and go. They wont get lost and will be easily accessible.

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    I'm not sure what category this belongs in. Accessories-Other or Home-Accessories? I put it in the latter. Also the custom maker thing is not working for me right now. Is it down?

    Anyway this is the gift card derby racer, so it can be played with after the gift card is gifted. And like I said in the description a Shapeways gift card could be used by the giftee to design and purchase their own accessories for their racer. I hope everyone at Shapeways will be purchasing one for the first annual gift card derby event to be held in the conference room after the holidays. Because you can't have a race with just one racer.

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    card holder.jpg
    This personalized gift card holder leaves little doubt as to the owner. . . . It's mine!
    Any remaining questions can be resolved by personalizing the back with a greeting or the recipient's name.
    The recipient should be able to store 3 gift cards in it.

    (I also created a luggage tag, as it seemed appropriate!)