Captured Snowflake - Christmas Ornament

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  1. Maundy
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    This arrived today and has turned out brilliant, the detail was surprisingly good, as well as the tiny chains within the design (wires of 1mm)!!!
    Captured Snowflake - Christmas Ornament -
    "Make Christmas Eternal!
    A Snowflake, captured and preserved in an intricate hollow star cage. The snowflake hangs from 6 loose chains - makes a great unique Christmas Tree deceration using the inbuilt hoop and looks great all year round."
    Tell me what you think!

    I have also uploaded a 'demo' of the ornament on YouTube: see next post
    And also a 3D Video of this 3D Printed Ornament Spinning:

    Note - These photos are quite large so may take a while to load, if they are taking too long please just view the product's page where the images are down scaled.

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  2. Maundy
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  3. AM3D
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    "Captured Snowflake", nice idea and a lovely design. :)
  4. Maundy
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  5. tinypurpletreehouse
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    I love the design, so intricate!
  6. Maundy
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    Thank You, it's great to get positive feedback. :)
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  7. katkinkead
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    Wow!! this is so beautiful. The pink looks stunning!
  8. Maundy
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    Thank You, All these pictures are actually of the Red Strong and Flexible however some of these pictures did turn out a bit pink for some reason.