Captain V's hooping gear

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    Hoop Troop Verónica did such an amazing job making 17 custom hula-hoops for the ThreeForm performers at Maker Faire, she's been promoted to Captain, and I've made her this awesome outfit. :cool:

    [​IMG] <br>

    [​IMG] <br>

    [​IMG] <br>

    The design was printed in WSF material at Shapeways and dyed a deep scarlet. The top has snap fasteners that also act as hinges. It is completed with black elastic string webbing. The bottom is a set of 10 overlapping plates joined with a clear vinyl line.

    More images from the incredibly fun photo shoot the other night are on the ThreeForm Facebook here: 408.114001098701667&type=3

    Tons of great imagery featuring the Hoop Troops is still flowing in to Flickr from World Maker Faire, like this one:

    Here are links to a few more:
    From Captain Kidder: <br> <br> <br>

    From John Abella:

    From Andrew Kelly for the New York Hall of Science:

    You can see more ThreeForm designs in person at the upcoming 3DEA pop-up store in Manhattan at 29th st and 6th ave this December!

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