Can't get the wall thickness right

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    Very new to this, and in need of some insight from older hands!

    I have a design that I would like to turn into a pendant, using the Jewelry Creator. However, successive attempts keep on getting rejected because the wall thickness is too low.

    The last design I uploaded has apparently a wall thickness of just 0.02mm and I cannot understand how this can be the case.

    According to The Gimp, the design is approximately 215mm wide and 160mm high. It has features in two thicknesses: one is approximately 6.3mm thick and the other is 3.5mm (I attach the jpg file in question as 30-9.jpg).

    When I upload the design, I scale it such that the height becomes 1.7 inches (about 43mm); the other dimension scales accordingly, i.e. the width is 58mm. The uploaded design seems to conform to these dimensions (see - the thickness of the item was specified as 0.04 inches, which is approximately 1mm.

    At this scale, the 6.3mm and 3.5mm features should have scaled down to 1.7mm and 0.95mm respectively, so well above the minimum wall thickness of 0.8mm.

    However, the design gets rejected, with the suggestion that the wall thickness is just 0.02mm (!!) - I also attach this drawing (model4.jpg).

    Clearly something is going wrong, but I don't understand what. I would appreciate it if anyone could advise how I can get the design within the guidelines.

    Many thanks!


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  2. stop4stuff
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    Hi Koenfucius,

    First off, Welcome to Shapeways! :)

    On your model page, the dimensions look correct (5.8 w x 4.3 d x 0.1 h cm) to what you require. This suggests there's something amis 'behind-the-scenes' as Shapeways.

    I'd recommend you hit reply to the rejection message (or email for confirmation of the model page dimensions.

  3. koenfucius
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    Thanks very much, Paul.

    Well it's good to see that I'm not the only person who can't see anyting blatantly wrong with my model. :)

    I have been in touch with Shapeways already (who are very friendly and helpful), and they suggested I try the forum...

    Maybe there is a bug in the Image Popper/Jewelry Creator software. I'll keep on trying and post here if there is any resolution.


  4. Youknowwho4eva
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    I looked at this last night, and also saw nothing wrong. I even looked at the 3D preview and it doesn't look like image popper messed up, but you really can't zoom in. Service will get you up and running, and fix what is wrong.