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    I need a shape roughly 10mm x 10mm x 180mm with 16 cylindrical holes that are exactly 6.5mm in diameter. I want the overall shape to be hollow as well to save money. I made such a shape, though I cannot join the cylinders with the quad. I think this is because they are touching but not overlapping.. I've attached the model, any help would be great.

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    I tried to open your file in Blender but my Blender crashed (2.64 been having problems with files of my own...)

    Anyway, I came up with this, don't know if it helps:

    1. Take the cube, dimension it as required (I use the 1BU = 1mm method);
    2. Apply Scale to the cube object;
    3. Create a cylinder radius 3.25 BU, length 20 BU, fan fill;
    4. Move the cylinder to one end or the other of the cube object, centerd on the cube, with some of the cylinder protuding from each side.
    5. Add array modifier to cylinder with Fixed count, count = 16, and adjust the offsets (I used relative and something like 1.71) until the array is where you want it to be;
    6. Apply the array modifier;
    7. Select the cube object and add a Boolean Modifier, using Difference and Cylinder;
    8. Apply the modifier, and move the cylinder array out of the way (for clarity);
    9. Select the Cube Object and go into Edit mode.
    10. Ensure no vertices are selected, and then one at a time remove the 2 end faces (the 10x10BU ones);
    11. Return to Object mode and add a Solidify modifier with a thickness of ? (this depends on what material you want to use, strength required etc, etc). In the example below I used 1 BU but looking at it the drainage spaces may not be big enough.
    12. Apply and voila!

    Check this out:

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