Can't get my model into my shop?

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by UsefulIdiotDesign, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. UsefulIdiotDesign
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    I've just opened up my shop and I uploaded an STL to put in there. I got the verification email, the site showed me the rendering of the part but how the heck do I get it into my Shop?

    I love the concept of this place but it's not too step by step when it comes to getting up to speed.

    Thanks ahead of time!
  2. stop4stuff
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  3. MitchellJetten
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    I just checked your model.
    Please login on the website and click on this link:

    This is the edit page of your uploaded model.
    Here you can change the name, add markup and make the model public (thus visible in your shop for other)

    Kind regards,
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  4. UsefulIdiotDesign
    UsefulIdiotDesign New Member
    Ok, I think I got it now! I didn't realise that I had to click on the numbers in the material selection window to add the markup. I'm still a bit fuzzy on how to upload a shop banner and user avatar, but I'm going to try that right after I finish here.

    I just ordered my first prototypes for testing and I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on them!!! :)

    This site seems to run better on my Ipod than it does on my laptop so I've updated my browser in the hopes that things smooth out a bit.

    Thanks for all of your help and I hope this is the beginning of a great time here at Shapeways!
  5. UsefulIdiotDesign
    UsefulIdiotDesign New Member
    Ok, got a banner up and a logo... still not able to get my model into my shop. What am I missing here or am I not reading enough tutorials? (go ahead, take your shots... yes I'm a newb!) :rolleyes:
    I've set the material type, I've set the markup... I don't see anything to click on when I'm trying to move it from "My Models" to "My Shop".

    Are these tutorials in need of update? I'm not seeing what the images are showing.
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  6. UsefulIdiotDesign
    UsefulIdiotDesign New Member
    Ok, got it into my shop.

    Now I have another dilemma... I named my shop "Useful Idiot designs" when I wanted to name it "Useful Idiot Design" like my ID on here. Anyway to correct the shop name once it's created?

    Thanks again ahead of time... I promise I'll try not to be an Annoying Idiot Designer anymore!
  7. stop4stuff
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