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  1. Symphony
    Symphony New Member
    I was uploading a few new models I made and everything was find till I got to the last model that failed the
    autocheck. So I decided to use the netfabb program to see if I had made some mistakes somewhere but
    it did not find any. So i went and used heal and saved the repaired model just in case. When I went to upload
    the repaired version it still fails the upload.

    I'm so confused, can someone help me on what the problem might be...the model is just a mask that meets the requirements.

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  2. mkroeker
    mkroeker Well-Known Member
    We need at least some idea of what you are doing - a picture of the model, or ideally (a link to) the file you want to upload.
    What are the dimensions as given in netfabb, any chance that you picked the wrong option during upload (STL format does
    not contain the unit used). You could also try running your model through netfabb cloud service to see if that makes any changes
    that you overlooked in netfabb basic. Finally, there have been a few reports in the past few days that shapeways sent a failure
    email although the model was uploaded successfully, so check your models page to make sure it is not already sitting there.
  3. Symphony
    Symphony New Member
    Thank you for getting back to me mk

    Oops, It's a two sided mask. The dimensions in netfabb shows length at 0.76mm and height at 0.86mm which doesn't match my 3ds max units. I exported from max to netfabb and from netfabb to shapeways as .Obj

    I haven't tried the cloud service you speak of
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  4. mkroeker
    mkroeker Well-Known Member
    .7 by .8 is a bit small (Gas mask for aphids ?). Try rescaling it in netfabb before uploading (Option "Scale" in the "Part" menu) ...
  5. Symphony
    Symphony New Member
    ha, i don't know why it came out so much smaller..i'll try to resize
  6. Symphony
    Symphony New Member
    Just wanted to say i figured out what the problem was..I just exported as dae and it was all good... i guess it has problems with .obj exports on some models maybe..

    Thanks Again,
  7. Fredd
    Fredd New Member
    an STL does not does not contain the info like if you set it to mm,cm, or inch. Your program stores that info as a percentage of a meter, which the stl does contain.So you modeled it at 100 mm tall, info for a stl would be .1 tall. So selecting meter at upload it would be printed at .1m=100mm height.
    Now if you export it as a dae, which SW does recognize those unit measurement settings ,you have to set no unit at upload, it is printed dimensions you model it, mm,cm,inch.
    The values of .76 and .86 you got in NF was correct, NF justs adds mm. if uploaded in Meter should work out at at mm 760 x 860 or cm 7.6 x 8.6. Obj file behaves like a stl by the way for uploading to SW.
    Good news, if you upload a model for color printing, all you have to do is export the vmrl, pack with the texture, chose METER again at upload.

  8. Symphony
    Symphony New Member
    Ty for the info, cause i was really confused on what was going on. Uploading the dae is much easier.