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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by dominic3, May 28, 2014.

  1. dominic3
    dominic3 New Member

    I seem to have trouble cancelling orders from the website. The attached picture shows the screen I get when I click the CANCEL button.

    This looks like a bug to me, but please accept my apology if the issue is with my order.

    Thank you,


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  2. NimlothCQ
    NimlothCQ Shapeways Employee Product Team
    Hi Dominic,

    I'm really sorry you're experiencing issues canceling your order. The team here have been looking into what happened, but unfortunately we seem unable to re-produce it on our end :(

    By now the remaining items in your order are already in the printer and on their merry way to being produced. In light of that, we have alerted our Customer Service team and requested they handle this issue with all due care. You should expect to hear back from us with more details via email.

    Please let us know if you experience any further issues using our service :)

    Kind regards,
  3. dominic3
    dominic3 New Member
    Thank you for looking into the issue. The customer service department already took care of handling my order I do not want to create any confusion by having multiple requests. Sorry that you couldn't recreate the issue maybe it was a combination of factors that does not occur normally (two parts, one rejected, other part almost ready for production)?

    Also, as a note, I tried the operation from both my computer at work and the other at home and both times the issue was the same so it is not a connection or computer problem.
  4. Thomas
    Thomas New Member
    Just wanted to give you an update that Graham has combined your orders. You are good to go and our engineers a both looking into your order and seeing what we can figure out what was going on with that error. If need anything in the future, reach out.