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Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by TreadshotA1, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. TreadshotA1
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    Has anyone else had this problem? For the last few days i've been trying to put through an order, but every time it redirects me to Paypal, the Paypal ebsite doesn't show up correctly. The formatting is way off,the background doesn't load, and the all graphics are out of place and only appear as blank white boxes. Add to that, there's a pop up (which only goes away after i hit the red X button 3 or 4 times) which says the site has an invalid security certificate (which means nothing to me, since i know almost nothing about computer security stuff).

    I hit the button that cancals and returns to Shapeways, and get the usual screen of "Oops, something went wrong" and Bowie the Bunny somewhat injured.

    A) Is this Paypal or Shapeways' issue?
    B) What can i do, aside from wait like i have for the last 4 days?
  2. duann
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    Hey that is weird,

    I have not seen this before, can you send a screenshot to duann (at) and we will see if we can replicate it.
  3. TreadshotA1
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    Well that's the image i get on screen.

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  4. TreadshotA1
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    Posting to say i tried this on Firefox, IE and Safari (latest version of all three, i updated whenever i was asked).

    Everything shows up with that faulty page.
  5. TreadshotA1
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    However, it works absolutely fine on my iPad

    Apparently iOS 5's Safari loads Paypal just fine.