Can you make me a SKULL HAND?

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by motolux, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. motolux
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    Hi Everyone,

    We are looking for a designer that can make a skull hand giving the finger as like the picture attached to this topic.

    We will have the model printed for study and modification before we will have it produced in larger quantities in our factory in China.

    Purpose is to create it as a fender or hood ornament that you can put on your bike or car. We will also provide a small black footmount with it so one can give it as a "prize" for fun.

    We will provide you with a license fee of 5% of production cost price based on items sold. Since we sell in 29 countries through more than 2000 shops that could mean real cash.

    Let me know.

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  2. ComesToLife
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    Can be done. I am new to the site, so don't have the gallery up, but you can see my works by visiting my website

    I work in Maya and have over 8 years of work experience. Mostly with video games and architectural renderings, but can model virtually anything from technical hard surface models like robots, guns and mechanical parts to soft surfaces such as characters, cars and foods.

    Let me know.
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  3. SGDesigns
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    I can do this. Actually, I already designed a skeleton hand for a project I'm working on. So you need the fingers bent like the buckle in the picture? How big do you need it to be? Just the hand with no ring or do you want the ring included?
  4. motolux
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    To everyone, as stated in the message we were already in progress with a designer. Thank you for your interest.