Can Up! Mini print unsupported items?

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    Hey there

    I'm looking into buying the Up! Mini for model and props making.. I was wondering though of the capabilities of the printer and would like to receive some feedback from those who know..

    Let's say I want to print some masks.. A full enclosed mask and just a front mask. Since a mask is bigger than 12cm ill print it in parts and glue them..

    But I'm wondering if the printer can actually print the mask as there is a gap where your face comes in and it cannot be supported by plastic because it needs to be empty..

    I have seen a YouTube video by a prop maker that had his Iron Man suit parts printed by ShapeWays and they did the part with quite a bit of "free of plastic" places that weren't supported by anything so it looks like its possible but I don't know of any printer can do it.. Hope I'm explaining myself right here

    Found the item ShapeWays printed for better clarification size-from-xrobots-co-uk.html?li=productBox-search

    If you get what I'm asking and can answer my question, much appreciated
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  2. virtox
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    The Up (mini) usually generates removable supports :)
    But I such questions are better suited for the up/pp3dp forum, it is here:
    And contains a lot of user experience with the Up.
    Much more so than here, as only an handful here has a printer at home.


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