Can things on Shapeways be designed with a hinged lid?

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    I'll describe what I am after. This is a Mother's Day present, but doesn't have to be completed by then. Just something I'd like to get done.

    I'd like a rectangle box made with a hollow inside. The dimensions will be about 14 inches tall x 12 inches wide x 3 or 4 inches deep.

    The top would have a hinged lid, and the bottom would have a hole in it. The back I'd like two slots you can put nails or screws into a wall and hang the box by that.

    The box will be used to hold plastic grocery bags.

    My Grandfather made one out of wood a long time ago and it sits in my Grandmother's house. It holds a lot of bags.. you can keep stuffing them in the top.

    My Mom really likes it. I'd like to get one made for her. I'd like to be able to paint a design on the front.

    How much do you think it would cost to get something made like this? How much would you charge me to get the CAD file made?
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    I'd create the basic box for free and then add the design. The cost for the design would depend on how complex the design is. A rough estimate of the 3D print price in WSF would be in the region of $80 to $100* allowing for upto 2mm wall thickness.

    Send a PM or email to discuss further.


    [edit] * I messed up the estimate, see Stony's link below. :blush:

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    Doh! :blush:

    Thanks for the correction.