Can Not add Profile Image using Safari on Mac

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by NickHawkins, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. NickHawkins
    NickHawkins Active Member
    I'm trying to load an image into my profile and clicking the edit button does nothing.
    I have successfully loaded both a shop avatar and a shop banner using a button which appears the same.
    Mac OS 10.6.8, Safari 5.1.7

    Help please.
  2. erindotio
    erindotio New Member
    Hi Nick,

    Sorry to hear you're having problems! I'm looking into it now.

    Can you tell me, when you click the "edit" button to upload an avatar image, do you get the file browser prompt, and then after selecting a file nothing happens (e.g. you never see the selected file appear as your avatar), or does clicking the "edit" button not invoke the system file browser at all?

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  3. NickHawkins
    NickHawkins Active Member
    When I move the mouse pointer to the edit button it is highlighted but when I click nothing happens.
  4. erindotio
    erindotio New Member
    Thanks for the clarification, Nick. I will look into the problem ASAP!
  5. NickHawkins
    NickHawkins Active Member
    Just tried this again as there seems to have been a software update, still doesn't work.
  6. erindotio
    erindotio New Member
    Hi Nick,

    This didn't make it into this past weeks release but hopefully it will be fixed this week. It seems to be an issue only with older versions of Safari. You could try updating your avatar in Chrome or Firefox until we're able to get this fixed. Sorry again for the inconvenience!

    I will respond here with any developments.
  7. bartv
    bartv New Member
    @NickHawkins I can also update the profile image for you in the mean time. Just mail your username and the image to and I'll handle it.


  8. NickHawkins
    NickHawkins Active Member
    Thanks for reminding me Bart, I'd downloaded Firefox and then forgotten to try and upload an image.

    All sorted now.

    Nick H.