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Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by HDModels, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. HDModels
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    (sorry for my english)

    Since I have select only the frosted ultra detail in my product inventory management for all my models and put a markup (about 10%) I can't put one of them in my cart. Everytime that I'm selecting buy, I'm redirected on the last web page I have opened or in the cart with "Your cart is empty" page. I tried to cancel the markup and put an other material but when I try to change that material to frosted ultra detail, the item is canceled of my cart.

    I'm on Firefox but I tried on IE and Chrome but the problem stay the same.

    I can buy items from other shops and change the material as I want without any trouble. I already bought some of my items but can't buy any thing with the new one even when I delete them.
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  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    That's no good, check to make sure you are still logged in throughout the process (upper right should have your user name) I'll forward this on to see if anyone can figure out what's going on.
  3. HDModels
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    I'm login, I can upload my models, change everything, buy models from other users but it's impossible to buy my own models.
  4. bartv
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    I've forwarded this to our developers.

  5. jlevine
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    Hey All,

    We've gotten this model fixed up and ready to go into your cart.

    The problem was caused by a bug in our inventory management interface which allows folks to set the models' default material as unavailable. When the default material is not available our site has a bug :(

    For now, if you edit your model and make sure the default material is one that is also available you should be able to avoid the issue.

    We are working on the inventory management interface bug and we'll keep an eye out for any other models that end up in this wonky state.

    Happy Shaping!
  6. HDModels
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    So bad...

    Thank you for your very fast answer!!
  7. stop4stuff
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    Glad the OP's issue is fixed, but imo, being able to turn off all materials for an item is very useful for us designers who want to show customers work in progress or for showing a design before closing a deal for the job - i.e. the model is viewable using the coded link but is not for sale.