Camera Case Prototype

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by MJoachim, May 25, 2011.

  1. MJoachim
    MJoachim New Member
    I designed a protective camera case for my Panasonic LX5, and I'm really happy with the printed results.

    The front will have a sliding lens cover, and the back has a flip mirror.I plan to pretty-it-up with camera leather or some similar material.

    I see where I can do plenty of nips and tucks to the design, but it's a start for a case which can survive a few bumps as I walk about town taking snaps. On to version two!




  2. adamfrederick
    adamfrederick New Member
    Oh this is great. How thick is the shell on the thinnest parts of this model? I want to make utility parts and how thin to go is on my mind.

    Are there any hollow parts?
  3. MJoachim
    MJoachim New Member
    Hi Adam,

    I didn't go thinner than 2mm on the walls, and an extra 1mm around the edges.

    The hinges are pretty thick, where there will be some stress applied, except for a hollow part of the hinge which hides a spring - that wall is 1.2mm thick.

    The mirror backing is only 1mm thick but I intend to glue a 1/8 inch thick mirror to it.

  4. adamfrederick
    adamfrederick New Member
    Thanks I'll use that as a guide. I want to use 1mm but was wondering if I could. The 1mm panel looks fine but does it feel flimsy without the mirror?

    I don't know why asked about hollow parts in the model. It's on my mind as a way to save money but your design really doesn't have much that can be shaved off by the looks of it. It looks strong but well finished.

    The spring is for a snap closure? Thats pretty cool.
  5. MJoachim
    MJoachim New Member
    Hi, a 1mm panel does flex, so for my needs I needed something a little more substantial. My little 1mm panel was stiffened with a thicker edge, but still flexes a bit.

    A snap closure would be neat! Maybe a couple of tiny magnets to snap it shut. The springs are just to create some stiffness in the hinge so the mirror doesn't flop around. With overtime work I haven't had the time to put it all together *sigh*
  6. ana_xyz
    ana_xyz New Member
    I love this!

    So you called it a prototype earlier in your post. Does that mean that you're going to move onto another way to manufacture your design, or were you just using the term "prototype" loosely?

  7. MJoachim
    MJoachim New Member
    Hi Ana,

    Thanks for the kind comment - I definitely am using "prototype" in a loose way, I guess to cover myself in case my measurements didn't quite line up or I made some goofy-looking mistake in the design. I did intend it as just a test fit with a revised version to come next. I'm only making a couple of them so this method is absolutely perfect!