Calculus surfaces

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    This is a collection of common example surfaces from classes in multivariable calculus. Students in these classes often find it difficult to visualise a surface given the equation for it, but these models will make it a lot easier to see what's going on! They show the contour lines when you slice each surface with horizontal planes, together with eight radial curves. The small versions of the surfaces are available as a set, and the large versions individually. These are currently in use at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia.

    YouTube video of the small surfaces.
    YouTube video of the large surfaces.

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    Wow awesome! I LOVE applied mathematics. I bet your students think you're the best teacher!

    And from my home town too :) Hi Melbourne!
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    Such a great idea. These models should make calculus surfaces much more accessible for students by giving a visual and kinesthetic perspective. What are you using to support the hyperboloids? I can't quite make it out.
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    It's a sheet of overhead transparency (that someone dug out of some forgotten closet!) held together with sticky tape.
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    Congrats , They look amazing.
    What size is the diameter of the wires in the large ones ?
    I am considering printing a wireframe statue.

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    Thanks josemi,

    The wires on the big models are 3mm diameter.