By far the best 3 prints so far

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    Just got these Friday. The detail is really quite good and these would be perfect if not for the frosting in the support areas. However on the larger figure the support residue is so slight it cleaned up very good.
    Very slight signs of register marks.
    The 1:20 scale one did not fair as well.
    Those marks look almost like giant zits on his face and will have to be leveled off.
    I'm not sure why they supported this model which is just a rescaled model of the larger figure on it's face. The face is and all the detail on the front is the hardest to clean up and level off. This is where I really get frustrated with their consistency.
    On the other hand...
    That little cross with the letter c on it is a 7/8ths scale replica of the same ornament on the end of Cy Crumley's watch chain. The entire ornament is just about 1/16th of an inch tall. I'm very pleased with how the 7/8ths scale figure turned out and even the 1:32 one isn't too bad.
    I just wish they would support all the models on the least detailed side so they aren't so difficult to smooth and level out.
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  2. Very nicely detailed. I'm surprised the watch chain came out.

    Cleaning up models like this can be tough, particularly on the face. I'm terrible at sanding these things down. Good luck!
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    My point is the face doen't have to be cleaned up so much if they would orient the model correctly for printing. The largest model was oriented correctly and cleanup was only necessary on a small detailed area and on surfaces that were gently curved or flat.
    Oh Why
    Can't they print all of them like that?