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    My friend received a Raspberry Pi as a late Christmas gift and said, "Hey Chuck, you like making needlessly complex things, will you make me a case?" After three design iterations, the finished ButterPi Case has arrived. The picture below is the model in Royal Blue Strong & Flexible.


    It is designed to fit the Model B of the Raspberry Pi and comes in five parts. Instructions for assembly are in a video here. Each part may have residual build powder in the mating channels. Attach each part individually and work it back and forth several times to remove any residual powder before final assembly.


    The ribbon cable hatch can be removed when the doors are open but is locked in place when the doors are closed. When the central key is pushed forward and the ribbon cable hatch is removed a ribbon cable can be threaded through the passage under the key and fitted to the Pi through the hatch. The key has a slot granting the ribbon cable egress when the key is in closed position.


    This is the ButterPi Case in Black Strong & Flexible:


    The Black Strong & Flexible takes drybrushing quite well. This is the case in Black Strong & Flexible drybrushed with metallic acrylic paint:


    If you plan on painting the case to produce a faux-metallic look, go for the Black Strong & Flexible. Fake drybrushed metal over a black base looks much more realistic than trying to achieve the look with a white or other color base.
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    Very nice "needlessly complex" design :eek: And you're right that drybrushing looks fabulous.

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    That's strange, I'm sure I posted my compliments as well on this. :confused I hope my replies are not being deleted for some odd reason.