Bushings from 1/2" to M12 (12mm)

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    Hi again.

    I read on the material page that I cant have such thin walls on the metal printing, so I have a revised idea. Instead of sleeving from the inside, I can sleeve from the outside with metal.
    The inside I can either fill the gap with liquid polyurethane and use the M12 bolt to get it smooth. Or I could use a very simple 3d printing in strong and flexible polished.

    The revised idea is to get the sleeves on the outside of the flanges on this bushing:
    http://www.qa1.net/qa1_motorsports/drag-and-street/suspensio n-accessories/shock-mount-accessories/bearing-kits.html

    It's a tad complicated to explain, so I will mspaint it.
    If someone wants to quote me the design (personal use). I could also use an "internal" sleeve with OD: 13mm, ID. 12MM and length: 25mm.

    OUTER DIAMETRE 20mm for the one in the picture

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    You just want something like this ? [​IMG]

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    Hi all, pfeiffer stylez made the model.
    I also managed to make it my self quite easy. After 10 mins I could do the basics of sketchup. Did some mistakes on the size, but this has inpired me to learn more.

    I've sent a beer to pfeiffer stylez as thanx.

    This is my model

    The model from pfeiffer stylez is smoother (and the correct size). Anyhow, I have what I need now :) Thanks again, pfeiffer stylez!

    Bier zeit!