Burlesque Dancer Figure "raw" and painted pics

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by figurebang, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. figurebang
    figurebang New Member
    This was printed in polished WSF and at that scale (she's about 6.5" tall) the details on the face turned out great! The head, body and arms, legs and torso, and base with seat post are all hollow and separate pieces. Spray primed each piece and sanded smooth starting with 400 grit, then 600, and finally with 800, spraying a new coat of primer inbetween. I found this method on WSFP gives you a VERY nice production finish and when painted, looks and feels very "high end"! RawBurlesquePrintGif.gif DeviantArtBurlesqueGif.gif PaintedPrintGif_03.gif
  2. Wahtah
    Wahtah Well-Known Member
    I'm in love! :D
    Awesome work...
  3. DarioScapittaDesign
    DarioScapittaDesign New Member
    What a cool figurine!!! Nice and lovely, and very well painted! Good job! :p
  4. dizingof
    dizingof New Member

    One word: "Awesomeness" !

  5. bdeaver
    bdeaver New Member
    That's one hot virtual vixen! Nice work on the model and the finish. Is she hollow or solid?
  6. Fovea3d
    Fovea3d New Member
    Very nice modeling and stunning detailing :eek:

    I am also trying to obtain a very smooth finish with WSFP or even WSF for larger parts on car models.
    With car models, the paint has to be glossy. I use the same technique as you, with primer and sanding. I use Tamiya TS spray cans but I had some reactions with the material (small bubbles). Did you also experienced this? Or do you use water based paints?
  7. Kaetemi
    Kaetemi New Member
    Looks great!
    Nice finishing.
  8. Dotsan
    Dotsan Well-Known Member
    Congratulations great work.
  9. figurebang
    figurebang New Member
    She is hollow (no easy feat- especially on the arms!) the head, torso/arms, hips/legs, and seat base were all separate objects. I filled each piece with fine silica sand from the craft store and after tamping it down solid I capped off each opening with 5 min non-expanding epoxy. After each piece is fully painted I glued them all together with the same epoxy and it comes out feeling as heavy and solid as any Sideshow or Electric Tiki statue!
  10. figurebang
    figurebang New Member
    Hi Alain, the primer I use is VHT automotive filler primer and I always let each coat cure for 14-16 hours before sanding. The only paint I use on figures is water based acrylic (usually Golden or Vallejo) I airbrushed the skin tones all over first, then did everything else with an assortment of sable brushes. Finished her off with several coats of Testor's Dullcote spray and a light "dusting" spray of clear gloss lacquer to give just a slight specular hit.
  11. Fovea3d
    Fovea3d New Member
    Thank you very much, that will help. I will try with automotive filler.
    Cant' wait to see your future work.
  12. RicheyRose
    RicheyRose New Member
    Wow, very impressive. I must try the filler primer with my first WSF model. Been trying to work out how to paint it, although mine are going to be rather smaller.
  13. figurebang
    figurebang New Member
    If it is polished WSF the filler primer works better and requires fewer coats and less sanding. If the print is not polished, be ready for LOTS of sanding and extra filler coats to get totally smooth.
  14. RicheyRose
    RicheyRose New Member
    lol, yeah good point, would rather it be finished before 2013. I'm in the UK so will have to try a different brand. Fingers crossed I can find one which works.
  15. stannum
    stannum Well-Known Member
    Try Halfords.
  16. RicheyRose
    RicheyRose New Member
    will do. Looks like there's some in stock in my local store.
  17. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    That has to be the best paint job I've seen here.

  18. figurebang
    figurebang New Member
    Thanks Glenn! That means a lot coming from someone with such excellent prints of your own (love the Easter Island heads!)

    I just got a commission request for another Burlesque Dancer with a custom paint job- on this one the client wants all the clothing including shoes to look like super shiny patent leather or pvc. I can't wait to get the print so I can start on it!
  19. Gijs
    Gijs New Member
    Amazing, this is probably the best finished 3d printed figurine I've ever seen. You can't tell it's 3d printed at all. What a talent!
  20. figurebang
    figurebang New Member
    Thanks Gijs! That is very kind, it's amazing what a little airbrushing and LOTS of sanding can do :)