Bunker and Fortifications in 1/144 and 1/285

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    No *affordable* ones that I know of. Except the four digit price tag "Magic". But that only creates a core of your model, and you have to punch a hole and perform Boolean to make it recognized as hollow by Shapeways. And the core is made with very uncontrollable polygons. Say you want to make a six sided cube as hollow, it will return you with a core like a crumbled cube made with metal foil with hundreds of polygons...

    Good to know another 144 maker :cool:
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    Thank you for the prompt response. I am still learning how to use Sketchup in order to efficiently produce more affordable products.

    I've known your company for quite a few years now, it inspired me to produce my own small 1/72 scale dioramas (which is my main scale). Curious about 3D printing and with a growing interest in 1/144, I decided to take this route as well.

    The bunker you can see in my shop is a personal project started in 2009. It's based on a bunker that still exists in Heuqueville, France, and based on which I would like to make a small diorama. However, since I want to depict the 90 metre cliff, I went with 1/285 scale, which also allows me to use other small scale wargame models by, say, GHQ company.

    Just another question: would you recommend a different software or combination of software to design these minis? I'm a fast learner, I wouldn't have a problem switching, although I enjoy Sketchup's versatility, continuous development and..being free.

    Happy designing,

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    Sometimes it's much less work to use CAD instead of 3D modelling software. Especially for models like the "Heuqueville" bunker.

    And with CAD, it's pretty simpel to make such items hollow.

    Greetings from the 1/285 battlefields. :)

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    Hi Francisco,

    I am glad that my humble products can be your inspiration.

    Your bunker is very interesting, but might be quite expensive to made by 3D printing, even in 1/285, and hollowed.

    My experience with 3D software is that no one software can do all your work. One way or another, when you become familiar with one software, you will know of its limitation. In my case I then look for other software as supplement, and making sure the software can communicate with each other. Right now I use around four different software depending on the project and model.