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  1. DaveMatherly
    DaveMatherly New Member
    can anybody find any issue with this wrl that is preventing it from being read properly?

    I am at my wit's end.

    I have successfully uploaded ONE object *with* colors
    I have done nothing differently
    I cannot reproduce the success

    the attached zip is of a wrl file and includes the one color image it needs
    any help would be appreciated



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  2. DaveMatherly
    DaveMatherly New Member
    and here is my obj and associated mtl file
    also included the color image again

    I cannot understand how the software is choking on this simple file

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  3. mkroeker
    mkroeker Well-Known Member
    Try removing the drive letter (f:\) from the png file reference in your wrl (using notepad or just any other text editor)
  4. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    At lines 132352 132353, there are two commas in a row. I had to remove the f: as @mkroker mentioned above, but I also had to remove one of the commas.

    DEF GlobalAmbientLight PointLight {
    ambientIntensity 1.0000
    color 0.0500 0.0500 0.0500
    intensity 0.0 on TRUE

    Background {
    skyColor [ 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 ]
  5. DaveMatherly
    DaveMatherly New Member
    just did both of those deletions
    on this even more simpler wrl file

    its a ball calling for 'checkers.jpg'

    removed the double commas and the f:/

    uploaded and nada

    still says there is a problem

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  6. DaveMatherly
    DaveMatherly New Member
    I did both deletions on the dolphin file 02.wrl

    took out the extra comma and removed the f:/

    uploaded and it still says something's wrong with the file
    if I upload the obj, it's fine

    I am not doing anything I didn't do before when it actually did work
    in fact, the time it did work it had the drive letter and extra comma
    I can't understand the randomness

  7. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    I ran the file thru Meshlab and it simplified the file a bit.. I was then able to upload it successfully.

    The Shapeways Developers who deal with VRML files likely won't be available till sometime Monday.. let's see what they have to say.

    Note: I changed the colors in your texture file so that things would stand out more.

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  8. DaveMatherly
    DaveMatherly New Member
    ah excellent!
    Thank you !

    I just uploaded it, WITH color!, but it only gives me white as a material selection??
    Not full color sandstone, which I thought was the only selection color is available in...?

    So meshlab preserved the UVs?
    Netfabb does not, and it was very disappointing.

    Is meshlab a free download?

  9. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    Full Color Sandstone has two rules that are blocking you here:

    Min Wall Free: 3mm
    Min Bounding Box: x+y+z≥75mm

    That ball is only 2mm in diameter, so the automated checks probably disqualified it for that printer. Try something a bit larger.

    Yes, Meshlab is free:
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  10. giles
    giles New Member
    This file uses something called PROTO's in the VRML spec:

    PROTO ball_ObjectProto [ eventIn SFFloat set_fraction ]

    In general those are problematic to parse and it seems like something is happening parsing it. It looks like LightWave is trying to make it animatable(it takes a time variable). So perhaps turning off animations in LightWave will make it happier. Maybe the VRML exporter has a "NO PROTO's or No Animations" setting?

    My parser is also complaining about this:

    DEF MasterFrame_Clock TimeSensor {
    startTime 0
    loop TRUE stopTime 0
    cycleInterval 0.0000

    Says cycleInterval cannot be 0 in the VRML spec. In theory its ignoring it but figured I'd mention it.
  11. DaveMatherly
    DaveMatherly New Member
    thank you very much!
    I've also noticed how Lightwave's wrl files are always a bit larger than others.
    I find no feature for no-animation, but it may be tied to the frame range.
    I'll try 0-0.

    I have also tried loading the wrl files into meshlab and accutrans, downloaded both last night.

    accutrans allowed me to create a wrl file that embeds the image (very cool!!)
    but the file was enormous with an uncompressed image embedded.
    The color png was 4096x4096 as well, I simplified an object's multiple maps down to one big atlas UV.
    But again I couldn't get the website to read the colors, I'm thinking the site's software needs to find a file path to find the colors.
    Or I may have exceeded resolution limitations?
    I'm certain there must be a limit, 4K may be too large.

    Both Meshlab and Accutrans allowed me to create a x3d file.
    I decided to try the x3d format, since it also supports colormaps.

    Accutrans wants to create a subdirectory to store a copy of the color png for its exported file.
    Shapeways says this isn't allowed, and I couldn't find the option to disable.
    I did open the x3d in worpad and deleted the folder name in the file path

    I believe the line was:
    <ImageTexture url='"\Images-v015_with_textures\uv_image_1.png"'/>

    I changed it to:
    <ImageTexture url='"single-atlas_.png"'/>

    still didn't work. I admit I'm not ver code savvy.

    Meshlabs x3d had no image file path to be found.
    I'm uploading both in case anybody can point me in the proper direction.
    I'm very new to both apps, and their functions in correcting the mesh bugs.

    Thanks to all of you in advance


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  12. DaveMatherly
    DaveMatherly New Member
    and this is the meshlabs x3d

    neither loaded on the site with the colors


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  13. DaveMatherly
    DaveMatherly New Member
    and just for curiosity sake, if you'd like to check it
    this is the huge wrl file with embedded image

    and... after opening it just now
    I found the hole I couldn't find last night
    the baby squirrel not feeding has a mis-booleaned hole where a finger intersects his chest

    I hope I just found the final problem with this file, but I doubt it
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  14. DaveMatherly
    DaveMatherly New Member
    thank you so much for all your help

    So my work flow is to load my wrl (exported from Lightwave)
    into Accutrans. I check for holes, and if good, I export from AT a wrl
    with the options set to 'partial file path'. THis prevents the drive letter and //

    I'm having NO problems having the colors now.
    Uploading fine!

    It appears my worst problem was LW adding the animation parameters to the wrl file.
    Acctrans removes the redundant garbage.

    THanks again,