Building a robotic hand

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    Hi. I've been working on a series of robotic hands, that are 3d printed. You may have seen my work featured on shapeways, on the blog boingboing, or a few others.


    I've moved from designing parts that are screwed together (Mk1), to parts that are printed in place (Mk2). I have recently started an indiegogo campaign in order to try and fund my Mk3 hand.

    One thing that may appeal to fellow shapeways users is that I intend to make the covers for the hand open for anyone to design their own versions. This way you could design whatever style you like, whilst knowing that it can still move afterwards.
    You can make the hand look human, robotic, alien etc etc.

    If you're interested in this project, and want to see just how far we can push 3D printing, then take a look at the indiegogo campaign. Show anyone that you think may be interested.

    Also the campaign video isn't the best. My partner gave birth and I haven't had time to put together something better. I plan to update it as the design work comes along.