Build orientation solution?

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by Briggsmodels, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Briggsmodels
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    Is there a reason you can't make a basket to the maximum XYZ dimensions of the build envelope, then put your parts inside it, therefore ensuring build orientation? It seems like it might be a little more expensive, but you can get a lot of parts onto the build platform size...I'm trying it this week.
  2. natalia
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    You *could* do this, but it still won't guarantee your specified build orientation, as we might end up packing your model into the larger printer rather than the smaller ones (for which you have the x, y, z dimensions).

    Additionally, it will likely slow down your model, as it will be held up in quality assurance (QA) process, to ensure that this is truly what you want to print. People have done this before, which is why I know!

    It is also wasteful and , as you suspect, more expensive.

    Lastly, because there is no way to specify print orientation at this time, we have excellent customer service instead. We see a LOT of models and we have a pretty good idea of which orientation will work best for printing.

    Of course, if the quality of your model is not what you expect, you have 10 days to ask for a reprint or refund, just email

  3. Briggsmodels
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    Well I ordered my parts, we will see what I get. I don't understand why I would not be guaranteed the build orientation when I am specifying FUD, as the HD3000/HD3000plus machines are the only one that can print this material at this resolution, and the build envelope is limited to a certain size. If you have other information I am listening! Anyway, I am hoping for the best. I don't see why it's wasteful, I pretty much filled the X-Y build envelope with parts. I suppose the basket uses some material that wouldn't normally be used, but I made a basket design to use as little material as possible and still print and be somewhat durable and solid. Not perfect, but...

  4. Briggsmodels
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    It seems to me that ultimately Shapeways orients the models so that they use as little XY space as possible and still fit within the Z envelope. If you make a basket or structure or post the highest dimension...and then make the X and Y the same, would you get your build orientation guaranteed? I tried this as well with my latest order, we will see what results soon!
  5. playonly
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    I'm hoping that they let us specify orientation sooner rather than later.