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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by xpeace, Jan 26, 2010.

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    1. Making an Order (9384) from within Europe - I had no choice of getting the Order Price displayed in Euro - so I wire transferred the Sum 1:1 converted to Shapeways Bank Account about 50¤ instead of 50$

    2. I had the feeling that the European Sepa Transfer took too long (4-5 Days for an electronic transaction)

    3. Six Days after the Money was booked, I received a notice that two of my models were not printable due to it`s small size.
    I really relied on your verification Software as I made a Ring consisting of 3 different Parts - so as you cancelled some production lines - I ll get a hard time ... now

    4. It was strange that one part was refused in black & flexible but seemed to pass in stainless ... ( "Ring Dilek Inscription" Model )

    5. Unfortunately the Support could not add another stainless polished model, tho you already got a more than adequate payment by my 1:1 $->¤ Order as well as by your cancellation of some production line parts of my Rings

    6. On Small pieces which may result in 3D Printing Flaws make an option that will allow to print it, when the user will take the risk of a defective / broken part. That would be nice.

    7. 3D Model Preview in my Google Chrome Browser seems to be broken.

    8. Any Chance I could get that Order by February 1st -
    I really hate Engagement Ceremonies without Rings ...

  2. RalphVdB
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    Hi Xpeace :cool:

    1) Please read our FAQ:

    What payment methods do you support? - ( See also: general, ordering )

    When you choose bank transfer you can also pay in Euro's. The exchange rate we handle is the same as the European Central Bank

    2)We check our bank account on a daily base.If you want a faster transfer you can always choose for Paypal.

    3) Please read our FAQ:
    I ordered a model but it can not be printed?

    If a model can be uploaded successfully it is automatically checked on some critical issues. But when a model is ordered for the first time a manual check will be done to make sure the object is printable. Sometimes models for sale (Whether it is your own or not) can be uploaded but turn out not to be printable

    4)This shouldn't have happened. Please contact service[at]shapeways.[com] about this . They will sort this out for you.

    5)You are right at this moment it is not possible to add new orderlines to an existing order . We are looking into this though, so that we can offer this to customers in near future.

    6)Hmmzz this will be difficult. Since multiple models (from multiple customers) are in one tray there is always a chance that the model you want to print anyway, can break and damage all the other customers models.

    7)Our developers are aware of that and working hard to get this fixed

    8)We will do the best we can. But keep in mind that metal orders need 14 business days (18 real days) to get shipped. We will strive to get it there on time.

    Hope these answers can satisfy you a bit!

    Cheers, Ralph
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