Bug: Rich Text Description Not Shown Correctly

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    When uploading a model via the API, using a rich text description does not result in the rich text to be displayed correctly. It seems the API does not recognize the description as a rich text, but as soon as one edits the description on ShapeWays the rich text gets recognized and displayed correctly.
    Example rich text that was used for testing (in source code format, copied from BB code editor):

    Parametric design inspired in the phyllotaxis pattern, a very common pattern in nature. Available in any size, leave a comment if your size is not in the list and I'll upload it for you! Check out the other versions: Phylloframe Ring 2 Phylloframe Ring 3 Ask me below in comments for more. These are the parameters you can customize:

      • Finger size. You can tell me the size in US or EU system or the diameter or inner circunference.
      • Width. Upper and lower ring width (top and bottom of finger). Between 3.0 and 20.0 mm. Keep in mind that the smaller the width, the less open frames (triangles) there will be.
      • Openings. Five frame opening sizes, from smaller to larger. It is relative to the width of the ring. You can specify the width or tell me if you want more open or closed frames.
      • Rows. Number of frame rows.
      • Variation of openings. You can choose whether you want openings from top to bottom, or in the direction of your finger. Available with sufficient width.
      • Frame corners. The corners of the frames can be flat, rounded or slightly rounded.
      • Vertical gradient. You can choose whether you want to reduce the thickness of the frames from top to bottom, in case you want the frames to fade towards the bottom.
    Tell me in comments below what customization you want and I will upload it for you very soon! Modeled with Grasshopper3d (Rhinoceros) and Peacock.
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