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    I did the input already in one of the other sections and want to repeat it once more in the shop section since I want to discuss that with the other shop owners.

    Recently there were a lot of BUGs reported in the forum and I still lost the overview what's resolved and what's not.

    Is that only my experience or is that also an issue for the others?
    (see also the remarks below)

    My proposal was to have a public viewable list of user reported bugs and the resolve status. This should overcome the following problems:
    - I have a problem and can take a look if that's already known
    - I do some "workaround" and want to know if the workaround still is necessary or the BUG is resolved
    - I see the resolving priority of the BUG
    - Following the threads in this section I often don't know if the BUG was accepted by the company since there's no reaction

    What do you think guys?


    Here's a link to the original request and I think it also points out what I mean .... (hope so)
    http://www.shapeways.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&goto=4974 &S=1a2698bcc2e8b2700e807f4b2b4cd4d7&srch=woody64#msg _4974

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  2. Tommy_2Tall
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    I too think that a "currently known bugs" list would be a REALLY nice idea.

    Not just for the Shop-issues though.. it should cover the whole website so that bugs and feature/improvement requests for the gallery, forum and shops would have one common focal point;
    "one list to rule them all" :D
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