Bug In 'edit Product' Pages For Some Models - Unable To Edit

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by Inspired_By_Architecture, Jan 9, 2019.

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    Hi Shapeways,

    Regaring a bug in the ‘edit product’ pages for som models.

    I’m about to modify my shop and convert all my jewellery products (rings/sizes) to ‘variants’. For the below 2 products I’m not allowed to ‘edit product’. When ever I try to ‘edit product’ I’m redirected to a non-styled page with the different Edit-tabs listed like links - however all the links are inactive and I’m 100% unable to edit the 2 products. The same goes for all the included variants from the 3D models page. Those I cannot edit either.



    The issue only applies to the 2 products (and included variants) as listed above. All other products in my shop does not show the same issue. I have tried 3 different browsers (Safari, Chrome and Firefox) and the issue is the same in all browsers.

    Please see attached screen dumps. Please help me out here, thanks.

    Best regards, Mike

    Skærmbillede 2019-01-09 kl. 23.06.22.png Skærmbillede 2019-01-09 kl. 23.07.08.png
  2. Moms_Sphagetti
    Moms_Sphagetti Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hi Inspired_By_Architecture,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. I've sent you an email through our support team. We've begun a bug ticket for this issue and will update you via email.

    All the best,
  3. Hi Arafat, Thank you. Hopefully this will be solved asap (better yesterday than tomorrow) as the products are for sale and I'm unable to correct prices, photos and information for the products which is needed and which I was in the middle of the process doing when those bugs came up. Also I want to start promoting my shop again and I can't do this until those 2 products are updated properly.

    Best regards, Mike
  4. I'm lillte disappointed about the speed of the bug fixing here. It's been more than 4 days ago since I reported the bug and it's still there and I'm unable to edit my products in the shop even though they are for sale and wrong with regards to prices, 3D models and description. This forces me now to delete the 2 products and start all over again, since I find it highly unprofessional to have a shop with wrong products for sale. This also means that it requires a lot of time for me to delete the products and set it all up again from the beginning.