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  1. dougj99
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    I am a 3D animator/modeler (for over 20 years) and I just found out about Shapeways at the NYC Maker Faire. I am very jazzed to get into this process. I have a million ideas already, but I am hoping to send in something pretty simple to start with. I especially can't believe people are building model railroads this way. I already have a CGI train layout on my web site: maybe sometime down the road I will print it out for real!

  2. LincolnK
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    Welcome aboard Doug.

    I too have been involved with CG animation for a long time.

    It has been quite a journey learning how differently things need to be built in the computer to work for printing. It can be very different than for animation.

    Feel free to ask everyone questions on this forum, or feel free to PM me if you think I can be of any help.

    In some ways, I felt like I was learning almost from scratch again to get used to the differences. But, I am glad I have.
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    Looking forward to seeing the A-Train on Shapeways...

  4. dougj99
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    Boy, you weren't kidding!

    After a couple of aborted tries, I finally have my first model uploaded. I can't wait to see the print.

    Yeah, I finally learned that "adapting" one of my models for printing is a waste if time, and now I'm modeling from scratch.