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  1. bib993
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    Hi there!

    When I received 5 copies of this 3D fractal model it came with a lot of broken wires. For the photo I took a less damaged item and showed it under an angle where it is clean, but you can see the thinnest wires look very fragile.


    Do you think I should ask for a credit? So far I didn't because that was a relatively cheap model and that was my first order on Shapeways so I was still so happy to hold the models in my hands for the first time!

    Since then, I did a more solid model and I am waiting for the order.

    I have also ordered a larger version with relatively thin wires and this one is absolutely fantastic!


    3D printing 3D fractals = more 3D fun!

  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    I'd contact service about it. We shouldn't be sending out damaged product.
  3. bib993
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    Thanks Michael, I have sent a mail to the Service team and I got credited back.

    For information, the model didn't follow the design guidelines. The wire thickness of external wires is 0.75mm and some were broken. Some internal wires were 0.6mm thick and are in perfect state. The recommendation for supporting wires is 0.8mm.

    Thanks a lot to Shapeways customer service for the speed of response and fast action!
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