Bringer of Justice

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  1. This first item is the second part of the batch of 3 items I worked up over Christmas. This one is titled "The Bringer of Justice". I drew the idea over Thanksgiving and had it approved by my "client" (former roommate from college). The actual model was created in just a few days, which is probably a record for me. Of course, I had the base model to use, and I had created the wings for the previous model. In any case, this one will be quite a bit of fun to paint.

    Isometric (sort of):
  2. The second item was a reprint, but this time it printed very nicely. I present the Overlord. This one is inspired by a game, so I won't be selling it (I am printing for as a gift with permission). The image has been heavily contrast-enhanced; I find it very difficult to photograph unpainted FUD otherwise.

  3. Finally, a stamp. This is a reprint Christmas present, because I forgot to put the lettering reversed in the first attempt. Silly me. The stamp is intended to be used to create an impression in pottery, as a sort of "maker's mark" for my dad. He has approved the design, and I made a few tweaks based on feedback for the original backwards design.

    The image is contrast-enhanced to allow easier viewing of the design.

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    Very nice work! What program did you use?

    Also, if you want to highlight detail, try inking the model. It can generate contrast that brings out all the detail in the model without actually painting it.
  5. I use Blender.

    When you say "ink", can you describe a little more what you mean? Does this involve dipping the model into a liquid? My biggest question would probably be whether the ink would adhere to the smooth FUD.
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    Ink is a very watery paint that will settle in the grooves of the will give enough contrast to see the detail well.

    I am not sure it it will work un a FUD that has not been based with a primer.
  7. Twopounder
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    I couldn't find good examples of inking unpainted/primed models online, but you essentially water down some ink (Vallejo is a good brand) and "paint" it onto the miniature.

    I wish I could find some before and after, but GW does it all the time to display limited edition models without actually painting them. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to see the detail.

    My only reservation is that your model looks porous, so I'm not certain how it would look after inking.
  8. Well, I finally got the Overlord painted. Everything else is still in a state of half-nakedness (if paint were clothes). So many ideas competing for time.

    Anyway, see what you think of the Overlord. My photos are not the best - the overall darkness of the color scheme made it difficult to capture a good picture. Painting the FUD was quite pleasant, overall. It's so smooth! (Note, this is after I smoothed off the rough support-material-contact parts a bit with some sandpaper)

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    Those are really cool. I wish all miniature game pieces were of that quality.
  10. MitchellJetten
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    Awesome model! and fantastic painting.

    Next are the minions?
  11. Thanks - I assume you refer to the Overlord. I hadn't planned to make minions. Perhaps I might sometime, but the friend I gave the Overlord to only requested the Overlord himself. He plays D&D as a Game Master and wants to terrorize his players with the Overlord. I believe he'll supply the minions. :D