Breathable Roots, the actual print

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  1. kspaho
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    Awarded third place in the 3D-Design Competition in October of 2011, Breathable Roots is a wall-hanging planter, which oxygenates its greenery's roots through the tunnels created by the interconnectedness of the skin's membrane. Excess water falls into a smaller, detachable piece located at the bottom.

    Special thanks to Bart Veldhuisen, the rest of the Shapeways team, who manufactured the design, my friend Renaldo Qafzezi, who helped to spread the word, Jack Sigel, who photographed the piece, and the rest of my family and friends.

    Anyone who is interested in this design, please feel free to contact me regarding sizes or any other modifications.


  2. HappenstanceHeroes
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    Nice work! I think it looks nicest when paired against the white wall. Seems like it would also be pretty with a spider plant or any number of other hanging plants. :)
  3. SaGaDesign
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    Great design, and a really innovative idea for a 3d-print home product!

    I can image if you did a whole line/array of these in a sparse white interior, with some different exotic plants in each 3d-printed holder, that would make a beautiful photo.
    Or you could do a rendering and pretend it's real ;)

    Always good to see new designs from ya buddy!

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  4. kspaho
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    Thank you Saad, I like your suggestion of the whole/line array
  5. kspaho
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    Thank you again, I appreciate your imput Happenstance Heroes