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    Hi, the design rules for WSF suggests 14 pt, 4mm height or depth of letters if we want to label something. Many objects come in small even tiny volume with nearly no enough space for its owner's brand name to be printed on. Any solutions ?
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    4mm ... wait, what ?!? :eek:
    Shouldn't that be 0,4mm ?! :confused
  3. Yeah, it is 4/10ths of a mm. The "0,4" is (I believe) a European way of writing "0.4".
  4. pfeifferstylez
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    But the WSF design rules page says...

    "(...) we would therefore recommend using 14pt font of at least 4mm high if you were to label something"

    ..., and that can't be correct.
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    as in 4mm tall letters :rolleyes:
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    That page is very messy, "14pt" doesn't make much sense, some fonts are smaller than others, or the lines thicker or thinner. And in a computer they all can vary size thanks to the DPI mess created by the different operating systems, so you're never sure what you're really seeing. You could take the classic 72 points per inch, as best guess, and hope your program does too.

    The tables with values 0.4, and so on, are not typos (beyond the dot vs comma national issue). That refers to how tall or deep the walls that form the letters are, how big the carving or extrusion is. Check the wording, "outside" and "inside" in the table and then look at the small pictures near it.

    "14pt in heights(depths) of more than 4mm" could had a typo in the 4mm part, as the tables that have a big change, have it arount 0.4 column. Or maybe it's that 11/72 of inch is 3.88 mm, then the typo would be writing heights/depths.

    It would be better if all was described in mm anyway. All: font total dimensions, font line thickness, how much carved or raised from the base surface, etc.
  7. PlainOrb
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    It looks like a little confusing. Maybe Shapeways can simply show us the dimensions in the pictures aside. It makes people remember you if your brand name is on the model.

    Is there anyway we can print WSF in Green color, without sanding ? I think people today like green more and more.
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