Bracelet: Modular Power Bracer & Orbs

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  1. lockey25
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    Would like to share progress on the design for the power bracer. Hope you guys like the idea [​IMG]
    Let me know which items and heroes you would like to have the Orbs for?

    The Modular Mechanism will allow the users to make custom Bracelets and change the modular Orbs whenever they want to give it a totally fresh look at minimal cost. The Bracer has fine details embed into the shape, if you look closely you will see familiar silhouettes of famous Dota heroes and a depiction of war among radiant and dire creeps.

    First-page.jpg secondt-page.jpg
  2. lockey25
    lockey25 Well-Known Member
    The Bracer and orbs have now been made available to print here.

    I will be adding more Orbs in the coming week. If you guys have any preferences for items or heroes, I will consider the requests at this point :)