bounding box volume and pricing.

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  1. thomashollier
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    I am about to print 1 of 2 models I uploaded but I am really confused about pricing. The two models have the same bounding box but one has thinner walls. The one with the thinner walls has a volume of 135cm3 and a density of 7.37% while the other has a volume of 290cm3 and density of 15.87%. Unfortunately, the price difference is only 15% (190 vs 219). I was hoping to get the price down proportionally. What is causing this lack of savings?
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    You have probably chosen the strong&flexible plastic, where a discount is applied when the model is "big" but has over 10% density. Try to thin the walls only to the point of 10% density, or sneak in some small other part to drive up the density of the thin-walled model.
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    Okay, that was it. Thanks for the help.