Boondock saints necklace - It arrived... a long time ago!

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    I modeled this Celtic cross necklace based on the ones worn by the brothers Macmanus in the Boondock Saints over a year ago, I almost completely forgot I had them! Must have been too busy with other projects, I can't believe I just let these sit around so long before I finally got around to listing them! I think they came out pretty nice, one's in stainless and the other is polished silver, and as always I'm totally impressed by the polished Silver! I did have to clean off some tarnish though, since it sat around so long, apparently baking soda works great! Here's a few of the pics, there's more at the listing page too...
    Just thought I'd share, cheers!

    Photo Jun 09, 2 18 19 PM.jpg

    Photo Jun 09, 2 19 42 PM.jpg

    Photo Jun 09, 2 25 16 PM.jpg

    Photo Jun 09, 2 26 43 PM.jpg
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    Beautiful work. I shared it with some friends on Facebook. :D
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    That's awesome! Thanks Ray716! :)