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  1. kaublezw
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    Here's the second version of a bookend that I've been working on. This version has a lip extending under the book making it more effective at holding back the weight.

    bookend v2.png
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  2. seriaforma
    seriaforma Well-Known Member
    Love this!
  3. shackscs
    shackscs New Member
    I have seen this online here and I have to say it is incredible!

    Wanted to buy a couple but cost was more than I could afford.

    Nevertheless, one of my favorite models.

  4. kaublezw
    kaublezw New Member
    Thanks! FYI: I've just lowered the price to about $20 over cost. Even at cost I still think it's too expensive. It would be wonderful if we observed dramatic price decreases in the 3d printing sector of the economy like we do in the electronics sector.

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  5. shackscs
    shackscs New Member
    I am guessing they are solid which is why the cost is what it is. Maybe consider making them hollow considering they slip under the books.

    Either way. They look fantastic!
  6. EricHo
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