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    I apologize if I sound novice. I just started picking up CAD a month ago. I have a micromill with a 4th axis which I'm still learning, but it would probably quicker to have shapeways create the prototypes.

    I created solids in BobCAD, exported as dxf, however when importing into Accutrans 3D it only picks up the wireframe. I'm guessing that's because BobCAD doesn't export solids or surfaces to DXF.

    Does anyone have experience creating in BobCAD and converting/exporting for Shapeways?

    Attached is bobcad v21 file of the impeller I designed if anyone wants to look. All should be in millimeters.

    Thanks in advance.



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    No experiance in BobCad, but I had an almost identical issue before exporting from Blender to DXF. The problem was the built in DXF Export creates a valid DXF file, but it uses Polyfaces instead of Polylines. Several CAM programs do not support Polyfaces. I was able to fix the models in Accutrans by Using "Save with Options" from the menu, and then clicking the DXF tab, and choosing the option to "Output as 3D face"

    In your case I would just try exporting it as a different format. Like .stl.