Board Game Prototypes Needed

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  1. serveandprotect1983
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    Do you have a passion for making kick ass miniatures?

    Love everything zombie related?

    Want to be apart of making an awesome board game?

    Want to reap in the spoils of a potentially successful gaming franchise?

    Then look no further!

    What I am looking for are 28mm style miniatures that depict modern day survivors in the zombie apocalypse for several board game prototypes that will be used in a campaign to secure a high level of capital to thrust the game into mass production.

    This is where YOU come in!

    I need dynamic and eye catching survivors and a zombie miniature of each individual survivor!

    There are no limits to your creative ideas. I do have some designs and notes myself for some particular standard pieces to ship with each game but I am far from ever becoming a gifted artist like most of you are and as I strive to become better, I want to see what your passion and enthusiasm for undead gaming immortality can bring to the table!

    If you are interested you may message me privately for more details. Thank you everyone. :eek:

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  2. ComesToLife
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    This is difficult, but not impossible. Stop by my site for examples of my work with 3D. I don't have zombies, but do have characters done for both video game and toy making industries.

    Contact me if you are interested in working together.

  3. AleaGray
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    Hey !

    I can help you out with that.

    here are some examples of my work.

    Have a good day !