Blendermade anorganic design

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by mlautenb, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. mlautenb
    mlautenb New Member
    I got some trouble with this design, based on a building.
    When I upload it, I get the "Only manifold objects can be printed" error.
    I used the "Show Non-Manifold" function of Blender and nothing showed up. I also used "Recalculate normals outside" and checked manually for inverted normals.
    Any ideas, somebody?

    Greetings, Markus

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  2. PuzzleMaster6262
    PuzzleMaster6262 New Member
    Try importing the file back into Blender. I had troubles when exporting to stl. In blender everything was good but shapeways said it wasn't. I imported the stl file back into blender and discovered that when exporting, parts fused together and made it non manifold.
  3. mlautenb
    mlautenb New Member
    Thanks for the quick answer.
    The import script for X3D, what I'm usually using, failes for some reason.
    But I tried wrl/vrml97 and it looks like it's ripping my model apart during export. I can't see why, it's the roofs of the houses that get seperated and these aren't anything fancy.
  4. mlautenb
    mlautenb New Member
    forgot the file.

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  5. stannum
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    Blender splits in a per material basis. It could read all as single mesh with multiple materials, but it doesn't.
  6. dizingof
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    I fixed it for you , based on the .wrl version

    You should know that non manifold issue means also if you don't fix it manually (cleaning the inside walls between 2 intersecting parts) your cost of printing is a bit higher as these inner walls are calculated in the total volume of the model.

    3D-printing modeling isn't Lego :rolleyes:

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  7. mlautenb
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