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  1. peerpeer
    peerpeer New Member

    does anybody know how to make a printable wireframe object in blender - i can design an object which appears as a wireconstruction when its rendered but when i export it to Accutrans i becomes solid.
    Hm, i have no idea at the moment how to solve this.

    Kind regards Simon
  2. Tommy_2Tall
    Tommy_2Tall New Member

    I've used the "Solidify selection" and/or "Solid wireframe" (both found under Mesh / Scripts) to make wireframe models.

    I think "Solid wireframe" is the best choice based on the fact that you get a solid when exporting to Accutrans.
    That script uses the polygon/face edges to make a wireframe and you can specify the thickness/radius and some detail/shape related options in the script dialog.

    Hope that helps :)
  3. Derakon
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    Blender has a script called "Solid Wireframe" that can do this for you. Split the 3D view and make the new area into a Scripts view, then go Scripts menu => Mesh => Solid Wireframe. It's what I used to create this model.
  4. peerpeer
    peerpeer New Member
    Thanks for your help and advice
  5. peerpeer
    peerpeer New Member

    getting a wireframe model in blender works good with the "solid wireframe" function in the script window. But sometimes i get objects with vertices going crazy out of my original model. Anyone an idea how to get a wireframe without these vertices.

    Thanks Simon

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