Blender to Netfabb: Netfabb mirrored models error

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by bullotsky, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. bullotsky
    bullotsky New Member
    Hi there,

    If I just export an unmirrored version of my model, Netfabb gives it a green bill of health. When I mirror half of the model it then does not. I've applied my scale and rotations on my model and then I mirrored it and applied my scale and rotations once again. When exported to Netfabb, for some reason Netfabb shows the mirrored portion as completely red. I have to right click and use Invert Selection. When I do that, then the left model is all red. Upon analysis it says that it has a negative volume.

    Can I seriously not mirror my own model in Blender? Does it matter when it comes to Shapeways?


  2. stannum
    stannum Well-Known Member
    Have you tried recalculating the normals in Blender? Also enable the show normals for faces, if you see lot of small segments poking out, the zone is right, if they are missing, that face has the normal flipped.
  3. bullotsky
    bullotsky New Member
    Aha! I did read that an all red model on the website was because of normals. I was being hardheaded and didn't realize mirroring also mirrors normals. Weird.