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    Just to start a thread on the Blender tips'n tricks you can use to make better models.

    This is a work in progress thread, so please take everything with a grain of 0.2mm 3D printing material.

    During modelling I was thinking that it would be easyer if I could just make a 2D object in 3D and then add the thickness to it once I'm done.
    For the blenderheads: use a plane as base shape to model something and then extrude it by 2mm so as to hold one to the "minimal wall thickness".

    Well the following script seems to fit the bill... be carefull about your normals! (you will see if they're wrong, it messes up your model straight away). ling-tip-how-to-offset-faces-in-blender-3d/

    ps: I wonder if this is the right place to post this, or if it should go somewhere else on the forums... Moderator please advise :blush:
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    Lettering trick,

    Having some text as details isn't always straightforward:

    Easyest with blender is
    -just to add text as usual, [spacebar]->add->text
    -bevel and extrude it to your liking (hint: in edit mode [F9] see the buttons)
    -convert it to a mesh [ALT+c]
    -Remove the doubles (in edit mode, press [a] to select all, then [w]-> remove doubles).
    -align normals outside (just to be sure) [Ctrl+n]
    -check for non-manifolded vertices (select-> non manifold or [ctrl+alt+shift+m]
    -last but not least: convert to triangles [Ctrl+t]

    tadaa: you're done.

    Now use caution with this as you'll probably end up having to fix some text depending on the font you'll be using. With the default blender font "g" and "6" for example can be fixed with deleting 2 vertices and fixing it with new triangle faces.