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    Ok, I need some help. I have a ring I'm trying to make and I even followed a good tip from shapeways here: . My problem is I use the simple deform modifier to make the text into a circle. When I export it to .X3D shapeways flattens it. So its no longer a circle but a really small oval. I tried using meshlab to fix it, and it shows it the same way shapeways does. The problem with meshlab is the origin is off so I can't just scale it on the X axis, and when I do get it semi-circular the stupid thing throws off the scale. Can someone please help or guide me?! This is so frustrating!

    Here is what the flatness looks like: 8629

    I'm using Blender 2.55, BTW.
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    I use blender curves when i need text wrapped around something.

    just add a "curve circle" then add a text, (you might need to align it according how you need it to be first) then select the text and then "Shift select" the curve. Press "ctrl+p" and select "curve deform"

    You`ll need to rotate the text to make it follow the curve correctly.
    up view seems to work for me.

    hope this helps.

    here´s the blend file i made if you have trouble re-creating my feeble instructions ;)

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  3. Did you apply the modifier in Blender before exporting? I use 2.49, and I generally have to apply all my modifiers manually before I export a model.
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    charmed_kitty_33 is correct - not all modifiers are applied automatically when you export a model from Blender.

    To verify the export, you can re-import your file into Blender and check the geometry.

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    Thanks for all the help! The modifiers have been applied. It just keeps removing some of the letters from the ring. I was able to reimport the ring into blender without any issues but shapeways and meshlab would drop quite a few of the faces.

    BUT I have got it now.
    I had to create the letters by hand and then run a difference on circle and the hand created text. I don't know if converting the text created to many verticies that X3D and DAE don't like, but creating the letters by hand seems to have fixed it.