blender, scale , torus , change the wall not the inner circle

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by janis, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. janis
    janis New Member

    i'm working with blender..

    i have a torus object..
    the inner circel should be 7 units wide..

    if you do that you get a wall about 2units wide.

    how do i strink the torus wall from 2 to 0,7 unit with out changing the inner circle that has 7 units wide..

    with scale i scale the hole object. if i select the faces i still scale the hole object..

  2. Eeppium
    Eeppium New Member
    If you press "Alt+S" in edit mode it blows up and shrinks the mesh.
    if you use that and regulars scaling you´ll brobably get satisfying results. (remember to recalculate normals before alt scaling)

    You can also edit the torus parameters when creating the torus in the toolbar on the left.
  3. janis
    janis New Member

    yes that was i looking for. thx for that

    what do you mean with this?
    "remember to recalculate normals before alt scaling"

  4. Eeppium
    Eeppium New Member
    sometimes the normals are not correctly oriented when a mesh is automatically generated, using "alt+s" then makes the mesh scale in an explosive manner all over the place, since it is uses the face normals as a scale direction. =)

    ctrl+n recalcs the normals
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  5. janis
    janis New Member

    a oke..

    well i traid wit cntrl+n scaling and with out scaling..
    it does do something diffrent.. but i don't what it does.. i see it happing but still :p