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  1. Ayewondery
    Ayewondery Member
    Looking around in Blender 2.49
    was wondering if the things called metas are printable?

    Can one use the "Metaball" form a shape and have it be used in 3D printing ?

    the shapes listed under Meta

  2. Eeppium
    Eeppium New Member
    Indeed they are. :)
    you`ll just need to conver them into a mesh by pressing "alt+c"
    there are some settings for them in editing panel.
  3. Ayewondery
    Ayewondery Member
    Thanks for the reply

    and the key shortcut

    Like blender is a little bit over for someone just starting out in modeling with computers.
  4. Eeppium
    Eeppium New Member
    No problem.

    Blender was my first contact to cg-graphics, back then I was so exited to find a Free 3D-modelling software I didn´t even think of searching tutorials or guides. I just banged the keyboard trying to find different cool key combinations to do stuff ! :laughing:
    It took me about 2 weeks learn to build something vaguely regognisable. then I discovered that there are tutorials and stuff on the net :rolleyes: from wich I would have learned all and more during those 2 weeks in just few hours... I´ve grown a "bit" more patient now :D

    anways here´s some links for blender: Fundamentals-First-drop-of-videos-now-available-to-the-publi c
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