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  1. janis
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    uu.. how do i see the size of objects?

    i'm every new to blender.. but if i wanna make hole of 0,8cm how do i do this..

    graag antwoord ook in het Nederlands voor het geval ik het engels niet begrijp :)..
  2. There are no units in Blender.
    Typically for Shapeways works, I do the the modelling with 1 blender unit = 1 cm, that works well.
    Then I scale the objects by 0.01 to be able to feed an .STL file in meters.

    Easy to do with precision in Blender :
    just select you objects, then type 'S' then '0.01' then enter.

    PS: I just saw that the upload page now allow to select meters or millimeters as units, so you may get away by using 1 blender unit = 1 millimeter, without the need for rescale.

    PPS: if you question is how to see the units in Blender :
    Type 'N' when mouse is over a 3D window : a little popup will appear, look for the DimX DimY DimZ values. And use the grid with visual reference too.
    I often create a simple plane in A4 dimensions, to have a rough size reference aside my 3D scene.
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  3. janis
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    i type s and just put 1 and hit enter..

    next i type n i get Transfrom properties

    scalex,y,z : -2.062
    dimx,y,z: 4.124

    what does this say these values?
  4. dimx,y,z: 4.124 means that your object is a bit more that 4 units in width, length, height.
    Shapeways now allows to select if your units are millimeters or meters or inches.
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    oke i understand now.. i just use the dim for my 8mm