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    It would be great if you would feature my BladeKey device.

    BladeKey is an easy to use customized organizer for keys.

    Tired of keys becoming a disorganized and sharp ball of metal? Tired of keys making a bunch of noise as you walk around? The BladeKey key organizer solves these problems by securing keys together and allowing for easy access. Keys are held in with a single zip-tie and rotate out like a typical pocket tool.

    BladeKey showcases the power of parametric design, 3D printing, and Shapeways as an on demand manufacturing service.

    Previously, products for mass consumption had to be designed as "one size fits all." This was in large part due to the costs and limitations of traditional manufacturing techniques. In most instances, however, one size simply does not work for everyone.

    Most people carry around a set of several keys. However, each person carries around keys of varying number and sizes. Key rings can hold any number and size of keys. Unfortunately, key rings allow keys to become disorganized. Accordingly, keys can be uncomfortable and noisy when placed in a pocket.

    Designing a solution to this problem using traditional "one size fits all" design techniques becomes a complex challenge. A "one size fits all" key organizer can be designed to hold an average set of keys. But users that are not exactly average will be dissatisfied with the size or capacity of the product.

    The parametric design of BladeKey solves the above problem without compromise. The parametric design can be easily customized to suit the needs of each individual user. Because the device can be designed to exactly the right size the device restrains keys to keep them quiet and organized. Additionally, keys are not uncomfortable when placed in a pocket because the device covers the sharp portions of the keys.

    Unfortunately, a customizable product such as BladeKey simply can not be economically produced using traditional techniques. Each small customization would require a different and expensive injection mold. Using traditional manufacturing techniques, products such as BladeKey are only a dream. Using modern services such as Shapeways, it is a reality.

    How to Select A Size and Assemble

    Select the size appropriate for your particular set of keys. The BladeKey sizes are listed by the maximum key length in millimeters and the width of the keys in millimeters. Therefore, if the longest key is 57mm and your keys are 15.5mm wide--select BladeKey l60 w16. The video at illustrates how to measure keys and select the right size.

    To assemble the BladeKey, simply place the keys into the appropriately sized BladeKey device, and secure the keys with a standard 1/8th Inch Zip-Tie as shown in this video:

    Product Listing with More Videos and Images gid=sg96967

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    Very cool idea. I would think you could bring the price down by removing a lot of the material with a grid or hex pattern without sacrificing rigidity.
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    Thanks, James! Definitely a good idea. I have a version I am playing with that reduces some of the material around the keys, but it did not reduce the cost by much. Maybe the grid / hex on the bottom would help further.
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    On small items, most of your cost is going to be start-up and shipping. Maybe you could have 2 or 3 pack deals, connect 2 or 3 together with a sprue that the customer can remove when they get them.
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    Thanks! That sounds like a great idea too. I will give that a try to see if that can help bring the cost down. Given the nature of this product, I could see people wanting to buy several different sizes for different sets of keys. It would be cool if I could write a "creator" type program like the Saki set on the main page (the model is already parametric).