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    Hey, I just received version two of a print that is supposed to have some really tight interactions with various pieces. In particular, it has a telescoping arm made of two separate pieces. I thought I would see what the dyed plastic looks like so I decided to do this version in black. Unfortunately, some of the tight clearances no longer fit as the dimensions in the newer version are just a bit larger than the undyed one.

    Does ordering dyed prints mess up measurements, or was there a random printing error? The largest discrepancy would have to be the shaft of the inner part to the telescoping arm - undyed at 3.8mm, dyed at 4.1mm. Its enough that the dyed shaft doesn't fit in the dyed sleeve at all.

    Luckily the undyed arm still fits in the sleeve so I still have a functional prototype, but in order to properly address this issue I need to know if this is due to the dying process or not.

  2. The nylon used does absorb water slightly, although probably not to this extent through the dying process. (Equilibrium levels are around 0.5%).

    You could simulate this with your undyed part by boiling it in water for a few minutes, however given the size difference described this is unlikely to be the cause.